Adam Merrill

Portfolio for Adam Merrill


Professional Work

Designs that I was commissioned and paid to do
Combined advertisement for local businesses J Sharp Music and New Mexico Adrena-line. Appeared in a printed informational booklet for a local festival
Printed advertisement flyer for local business LockFox Escape Room targeting college students
Homecoming dance ticket design used by my high school during my senior year
wedding invitation
Steampunk-themed wedding invitation for a friend, incorporating specific elements from their hobbies

Other Published Work

Images that I designed for others without compensation
Design used by my high school yearbook for the "rocket scientists" superlative award (yep, that's me)

Personal Projects

Stuff I did mostly for fun
Sci-fi themed image is created for a final project in a Photoshop class
joker cars
A different story every time
crazy santa
Inspired by an old Weird Al Yankovic song

Photoshop contests where I made the top 10 list

2nd Place (Ways Being An Adult Isn't What You Thought It Would Be)
4th Place (Movie and TV show recommendations in chart form)
4th Place (Tips To Help Disorganized People Survive In The Modern World)
7th Place (Rituals That You Know Are 100 Percent Placebos, But Still Do)