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Adam Merrill

Dungeons and Zombies 2.1

Game Overview

Dungeons and Zombies is a zombie-apocolypse themed version of D&D intended to have a smoother learning curve than standard D&D, and is targeted at completely new players. To accomplish this it provides a minimized ruleset and allows the DM to fill in the rest using standard D&D 5e mechanics.

The player and character setup screens are locked behind a password to prevent random internet people or bots from filling the database with garbage. Contact me if you'd like access to those features.

Changelog ▼

Jan 2020
Added a permanent navbar to the header consistent with the rest of the website. Clarified some instructions. Made weapon names in the tracker look clickable.

Changelog for v2.1
Overview: implements a much more reliable database for character storage, and includes a weapon tracker, some minor visual tweaks, and some rule streamlining.

Changelog for v2.0
Overview: an effort to simplify the game mechanics of the first version and put more of an emphasis on the actual combat and campaign instead of resource management.

The old versions of this site are available below, but are not maintained.

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