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Character Sheet

Instructions for first time setup ▼


* Your Occupation is purely for backstory and has no impact on gameplay.
* Your Gender and Age determine how many skill points and bonuses your character starts with (see the tables below).
* Your max speed is calculated automatically based on your Dexterity. Your actual speed will only decrease if you get injured.
* Your Specialty is a special ability. Pick one from the list and a popup will tell you what it does.
* Minor Hits are a form of HP, and start at 0.
* Your Impairments are physical limitations (usually due to injury), such as a limp or severed limb.

Skill Points

* Your starting Total Skill Points are calculated from your age. These are distributed however you want across all 4 boxes in the "Points" column.
* Your Skill Points determine your level in each category. You need one Point to get to lvl 1, two more to get to lvl 2, three more to get to lvl 3, and so on.
* Your Level in a Skill determines your Modifier- the number you add to your dice rolls when attempting a related task.
* Abilities in the blue "Abilities" box max out at Level 5. All other Skills max out at Level 3.
* An additional Skill Point will usually be earned at the end of every session. This can be placed in any Ability or Skill EXCEPT the green "Technical" category.
* To earn an additional Skill Point in a Technical skill your character must study the topic for a number of days equal to their next Level in that Skill, AND practice that skill in a practical setting for a number of hours equal to the next Level.


* Your starting Bonuses are determined by your Age and Gender, and will be listed in the "Bonuses" box after both are set.
* You get one Bonus Point for each Ability listed in the "Bonuses" box.
* Unlike Skill Points, each Bonus point grants a direct '+1' to the Level of the Skill or Ability it's applied to.
* Additional Bonus points cannot be earned, but some weapons or gear may grant a Bonus point in a particular Ability or Skill.

Starting Bonuses and Skill Points

Starting Skill Points
Gender Bonuses
FemaleDEX, WIS
Age Bonuses

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Character Name
and Occupation


Speed Specialty Minor Hits Impairments

Skill Points

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Dice roller

Strength (STR) 0 0
Dexterity (DEX) 0 0
Intelligence (INT) 0 0
Constitution (CON) 0 0
Charisma (CHA) 0 0
Wisdom (WIS) 0 0
Long Guns 0 0
Handguns 0 0
Sharp Melee 0 0
Blunt Melee 0 0
Archery 0 0
Throwing 0 0

Engineering 0 0
Medicine 0 0
Circuitry 0 0
Agriculture 0 0
Mechanics 0 0
Construction 0 0
Stealth 0 0
Perception 0 0
Scavenging 0 0
Trading 0 0
Vehicles 0 0
Navigation 0 0

Active Weapons
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